Meet Xenia

Xenia Hotels & Resorts, Inc. offices are located in Orlando, Florida. The Company owns 41 hotels comprising 11,393 rooms, across 17 states. Xenia’s hotels are primarily in the luxury and upper upscale segments and operated and/or licensed by industry leaders such as Marriott®, Hyatt®, Kimpton®, Fairmont®, Loews®, and Hilton®, as well as leading independent management companies including Sage Hospitality, The Kessler Collection, and Davidson Hotels & Resorts.



Xenia is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home and/or associates of the person bestowing guest-friendship. The idea originated as the Greeks believed that Gods mingled among humans and would often travel in disguise. Thus, to avoid angering a possible God in disguise, they thought it wise to treat all guests with the courtesy and respect that you would bestow on a heavenly being. Later, the practice of offering hospitality to “humble strangers” or Xenos became a common custom among the Greeks.